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Ineffectiveness of Collecting and Using Customer Data

The key to success in digital transformation beside having a clear digital customer journey is data customer data. The digital success of Facebook, Netflix, Uber, or Amazon can be attributed to the way they effectively collected, stored, and utilised data from customers. A lot of organisations have archived lots of customer interactions stored in their systems but do not have the ability to pull them together in a meaningful way.

For some, they have a warehouse containing petabytes of centralised information that can be used in creating nice fancy reports but they have no way to use this information that helps give value to the customer which leads to the same problem.


Without a concept customer data is useless

There is no meaning in having oceans of customer data if you do not know how to create meaningful actions and client benefits out of it.

Going back to square one is the most effective way of approaching this problem. If we know the 10 to 15 main customer aspects, these will be helpful in efficiently serving and selling to the customers. These aspects vary because they depend on the industry that the business engages on. Nevertheless, after these aspects are recognised, the next thing to do is to centralise all the information gathered. After that, store it in a place that can be quickly gained access to through any points.

Even if you start using a simplified strategy in making the value in the beginning, this is a reasonable first step to start looking at more complex baskets of customer data and then thinking of how some of that customer data might enable you to enhance and drive the client experience and your sales.

Thorsten Burger

Thorsten Burger

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