Development Processes And Inflexible Technology

Digital Development Process

Inflexible technology stack and development processes

Analysing and improving failures is the way to achieve success in digital transformation. Digital entities that succeeded always state that they were able to do it by using the test and learning the method. Using this approach, new upgrades are added, measured, regulated, and shaped regularly. 

This depends on the data usage and feedback. Nevertheless, if the development process is done quarterly, this approach won’t benefit the company. To achieve effective digital transformation, utilising fast technologies and procedures, and integrating and releasing products frequently are critical.

It seems that it’s still not understood that the best digital experience is achieved through iterations. Many organisations try to use the agile approach but are not aware that if being agile starts from the top down to the bottom. If agile methodologies are not applied wisely from A to Z it can even cause a high damage to the entire organisation.

In addition, other elements needed to emphasise digital transformation is making necessary changes in the data, rules in business, and presentation of content using various ways that were different from the visions when they established the systems.

Similarly, part of the iteration process is to adjust business rules, content presentation, workflows, and most likely to use data in a different way than originally intended. Often, companies tend to build flexible and elegant digital experiences on outdated technology stacks, which can be very difficult. 

You don’t necessarily have to completely dismiss the foundation, but modern businesses need to make their data read / write accessible through sustainable and secure APIs and provide independent access to their business logic. In the event that your core systems are more than five years old, they will likely need a major overhaul to support the effective development process and the linked digital execution.

Thorsten Burger

Thorsten Burger

I am a senior leader within the digital strategy, digital marketing, ecommerce and digital transformation industry living in Switzerland with more than 20 years of experience working around the world in various industries and locations. I am specialised in engaging industry leaders and organisations shaping their digital vision and strategy, pushing innovation and executing large digital transformation and change programs for a creative and digital transition to support their next success story.


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