Digital Transformation
It’s no longer the big beating the small but the fast beating the slow!

"Digital Transformation in enterprises to stay relevant is an underestimated challenge"

It doesn’t need more than a look on various industries to see that many companies that deliver a sustainable and digitally value proposition are the ones that make up a huge portion of the digital growth. 

To remain relevant and drive sales in a fast changing digital global environment, companies must change fundamentally to be able to compete.

In fact, a necessary and new dynamic is building up in the digital transformation, since companies have to redefine themselves, design them to survive in a world in which traditional processes no longer work. Technological progress and its rapid acceptance by customers / consumers deserve a much higher digital priority for many companies in order to remain competitive in the future.

The digital transformation challenges I faced within enterprises seem like a repeating pattern. More than 20 years of digital experience helped me to develop a very broad insider “know-how” on the most relevant  and necessary challenges these enterprises face when pushing their digital transformation projects forward.

I helped enterprises to adapt value proposition, customer experience, technology and operating processes to win the digital customer.


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Thorsten Burger

MBA & Manager

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Digital Transformation Challenges

Deployment of new technologies is just a part of a successful digital transformation
The other part is the empowerment of people to work on a new digital level with many more opportunities
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What am i expert at?

I am a senior leader within the digital strategy, digital marketing, ecommerce and digital transformation industry living in Switzerland with more than 20 years of experience working around the world in various industries and locations. I am specialised in engaging industry leaders and organisations shaping their digital vision and strategy, pushing innovation and executing large digital transformation and change programs for a creative and digital transition to support their next success story. 


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to compete and drive sales it's necessary to provide a 24/7 solid and personalised customer experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Transformation containing:

  • Digital Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Data Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Business Development
  • Customer Journey Development 
  • Program Management
  • Leadership

For about 22 years!

I started quite young in my small 2 rooms apartment when I was 20 years old.

The first part of my career started in 1996 when I worked for a huge marketing company in South Germany, where I got promoted to the Head Lead of the Business Development unit within 1 year. Since I discovered the Internet in the late 90’s I knew the time has come that will change the world and customer behaviours forever and it would the right time to choose the path of the digital era.

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Career timeline

See my career starting in 1996. Beside that I started an independent successful business on my own in 2000 where I provided
guidance as a consultant and advisor on a global level to drive digital sales using new technologies and channels
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Today Today

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Beside studying economics I got the opportunity to start as a Marketing & Business Development Manager at a regionally well known marketing organisation (KP) in South Germany.

After a successful year I was able to take over a team of marketing specialists and client supporters to execute and drive the sales numbers of software products in Germany and the UK.

Marketing Team Lead ECommerce

Team lead of client advisors establishing the new digital marketing strategy to improve sales campaigns for one of the leading publishing houses in Germany.

In times of the rise of the internet and a fundamental uncertainty regarding the new online business models, I defined the new customer journey and executed the organisations strategy to bring the traditional business on a new digital level to drive sales.

The beginning of ecommerce which fundamentally changed and improved the organisations sales opportunities and channels.
Digital transformation

Head Of Innovation & Technology

As Head of Innovation & Technology, I built up an international team of IT experts and provided leadership of the strategic planning as well as digital transformation and change projects of the company on a global level.

• Management of 3 units of overall 21 marketing experts and developers.
• Leading the development of the financial budget of the business unit.
• Established together with legal & compliance an audit proven risk framework in order to ensure to deliver location specific digital marketing material content via global omni-channels.
• Implementation of enterprise-wide SLA standards and reduced the IT delivery costs by about 30%.
• Defined the digital transformation and marketing communication strategy.

Head Of International Business Development

As Head of international Business Development, I was responsible for the digital analytics, market-ing communication platforms and business development units with about 40 reports and success-fully implemented cost efficient marketing analytics and distribution platform strategies to expand the company’s business in Europe and the US with an increase of yearly revenues by 200%.

• Defined the digital marketing strategy for Europe and lead the technological integration.
• Established new marketing distribution channels such as bulk e-mailing, video ads etc.
• Successful analytics implementation concept to track global user consumption behavior.
• Established global partnerships as the key bridge of a successful relationship manage-ment.
• Lead of 40 employees with worldwide locations
Digital Transformation Banking

Senior Project Manager

As Senior Project Manager I established in cooperation an innovative one-stop digital content portal for marketing content and specific investment ideas – acting as a single point of entry. Co-ordinating and organizing the business, analytics and IT, I was acting as interface between units, leading multiple workshops and managed the budget within UBS IPS Distribution Management.

• Established the marketing platform that is used today by about 5’000 client advisors.
• Coordination between the platform lifecycle and marketing content publishing teams.
• Budget management while keeping the development on a low-cost level.
• Enabling automated investment product matches to marketing stories.
• Enabling authors to run an efficient user-friendly marketing content submission process.
Digital Transformation Banking

Senior Project Manager

Project lead managing and developing one of UBS’s flagship research and digital content / marketing platforms for Switzerland, Europe, Asia. I built internal partnerships through various departments and units on a global level to drive the strategic UBS CIO investment house view via our platform environment and global content distribution channels such as digital banking.

• Driving the strategic marketing platform evolution to connect internal / external data streams.
• Lead of an outsourced IT team to ensure a low cost but highly efficient platform development.
• Representing the platform project on the Wealth Management change the bank commit-tee.
• Providing digital distribution tool workshops to an international sales management audience.
• Building strategic important partnerships to push the platforms adaption and development.
Digital Transformation Banking

Head of Digital Mandate Communication Platforms

Provision of visionary leadership to marketing, content management and IT platform experts. Ensuring and onboarding of the digital production of UBS key digital marketing / communication material inclusive the omni-channel distribution via Digital Banking, iPads for Client Advisors and to a multi-billion invested audience within Switzerland, Europe and Asia.

• Lead of a developers, marketing content platform specialists and solution owners team.
• Automation of the product marketing content production and omni-channel distribution.
• Ensuring a cost efficient stable platform lifecycle, software release management.
• Developed the strategic technological integration of the marketing production platforms.
• Owning the project portfolio and defined a cross functional platform network concept.

Director & Global Product Owner

Global Product Owner of Julius Bär’s digital banking’s content / communications solutions. Bring-ing the digital marketing business and information technologies together by providing the best digital transformation and product expertise to marketing units, Wealth- and Investment Management, IT, platform experts, developers, solution architects and business analysts to serve digital marketing and personalized content for clients on a global scale and push the digital banking app adoption.

• Global distribution of marketing specific and personalized digital communication content.
• Serving tradable personalized investment ideas to clients distributed by relationship man-agers
• Enabling a context based chat solution for digital banking customers.
• Digitization of “Corporate Actions” distribution and feedback channel within digital banking.
• Analytics - Tracking the global digital content distribution and consumption events.

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